no but toni morrison is so fucking right about the way “racism produces nothing new”

you could literally take a bunch of racists from 2k14 america and send them back in time 200 years and they’d be saying the same things as old timey racists

Well, maybe the fried chicken jokes would be new

But other than that, the shit is all old hat. 




Dumb Ways to Die: The weirdest ad I’ve ever seen

> The one who ate superglue is my favorite.

> The little booty shake the kidney selling guy does makes me very happy.

> That ad sure took its sweet time getting to the point.

> Who knew death could be so warm, fuzzy and down right adorable?

> Catchy melody - check

Funny/weird lyrics - check

Cute/awesome video - double check

If this isn’t going to be a viral sensation, my understanding about how the internet (and tumblr) works needs to be corrected.

> It is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen in my life.

> The moose one was hilarious. He just accepts being shot.

This may be my new favorite video